THE QUEEN fell down Alice’s rabbit hole into a wonderland where the adventures are grand, the people distinctive, and the language wondrous strange. Her story is all about what an English major can expect at Defiance College. Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole.

STUDENTS in English get excited about different forms of creative writing and enjoy discussing the world of literature, film, and other aesthetic experiences. Professors work closely with students to develop their thinking, writing, and creative abilities in a context that is sensitive to current trends in the discipline as well as to the larger, media-driven world.

PROGENY, the Defiance College literary and art magazine, is run by a student editorial board, with an English prof as their advisor. Students also participate in activities sponsored by the Arts & Humanities Division.


Invitation to travel to Stratford, Ontario, for King Lear
September 13-14, 2014


Spoof on Coffee Table Books
by Advanced Writing Students;
or, Kevinisms: The But(t) of Discourse

Enjoy this parody of all things literary by students of EN270 . . . but first, the back-cover reviews by . . . by . . . well, just read on . . .

“I couldn’t put it down from the cover page to the biographies, though
it is lacking a section on disabilities”
―Comerville Press

“Two thumbs way, way up for the redundancy of literacy”
―The Dana Hall Review

“I don’t know who Kevin is but he seems like an interesting character”
―The Island of Sardonics Publishing House

“What the heck is this ?!?!?”
―Right State Wrong School English Dept

“After reading this I am definitely Team Kevin. Does he sparkle?”
―Kitty Galore, age 14 with braces, Beverly Hills, CA

“I actually stopped playing COD for this book. Riveting!”
―The Rosie Riveter Times

“It didn’t cure cancer but it made great toilet paper”
–The Heads of all States


Read about a Liberal Arts education for our technology-based world: New York Times writer and blogger Vivek Wadhwa




Some Fun Among Scholars

The EN490 Literary and Cultural Theory course taught by Professor Todd Comer is a lively research seminar class that helps prepares students for a range of professions requiring critical thinking and communication.

Class members discuss theory in the relaxed environment of the Pilgrim Library
L to R: Jordan Heiliger, Todd Comer, Angela Powell . . . some of the 2013 class

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The Spring 2011 EN490 Class and Professor
L to R: Todd Comer, RebekahStottlemyer, Miles Byrne, Emily Arnold


YouTube video on Emily Arnold, an English/Forensic Science double major




The English B.A. is deliberately designed to complement a second major in such areas as graphic design, communication arts, business, history, art, and religious studies.

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